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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Business Internet Services/Domain Registration Services

Domain name registration is a critical part of establishing your business on the Internet. It is also becoming popular for individuals and other organizations to provide a unique identity on the web, and is used by many simply to secure a name for future use. In an effort to provide a complete array of services, CTSI offers these domain name registration services at very competitive prices. All registrations are processed through an ICANN accredited wholesale registrar and are usually available within 48 hours.

Premium Pricing Info
Our most popular registration option. Premium registration takes the hassle out of choosing your registrar, filling out on-line forms, waiting and replying to emails, and providing cryptic network information to the registrar in order to get your domain name. With this option, we do all the work for you, you simply provide your desired domain name, Organization name and contact information and we do all the work. If you are an existing customer or new customer with an open account, we can even bill you for the registration.

Standard Pricing Info
Standard registration is for the folks who will be hosting their sites elsewhere, or who already know the technical information needed to establish their domain. The end user is responsible for the entire registration process, and in most cases will not directly involve us at all. Standard registration requires credit card payment at time of registration.