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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Pricing Information

Many of our business and personal accounts can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. If you are looking to minimize your costs for Internet service, consider prepaying on a yearly basis. By prepaying your account, you are committing to a years worth of service from us, which simplifies our network planning and marketing efforts. In turn, for that committment we reward you by offering a discounted rate. Please be aware that since we are offering the discount based on your committment to a year of service, normal monthly rates will apply if you cancel your service within that year. You should also be aware that violations of our Acceptable Use Policy can result in immediate termination of service WITHOUT refund, so please read these policies carefully before making a costly mistake.

How much can I save?
As an example, our monthly local dial-up accounts which are paid by credit card are $15/month. By prepaying, you get 1 year of service for $120, a savings of $60/year. Our commercial dial-up package is $50/month or $499/year, for a savings of $101/year.

Customers that pay their monthly personal dial-up accounts by check can save $1/month by simply switching to credit card billing. (Not applicable to all users)

How can I get a faster connection, AND save money??
Simple. With our DSL service, home Internet users who have multiple phone lines in order to be on the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time are probably paying $25-$30/month for that extra line, in addition to $15-$20/month for their Internet account. With DSL, you can get rid of that second line, and pay a flat $49/month for your Internet access and DSL capability on your existing phone line, which allows you to use your phone and be on-line at the same time. In addition, the DSL account includes up to 3 mailboxes, eliminating the aditional mailbox fees for standard dial-up accounts. So, for about the same money, or even less, you get an always on, 640K Internet connection with 3 mailboxes - enough power for the whole family, and experience the Internet at 15-25 times faster speed, with no dial-up, no busy signals, no dropped connections, and be able to use your phone at the same time. Its the Internet the way it should be. Businesses can also take advantage of cost-effective DSL services, often saving money over expensive T1 lines, or multiple dial-up accounts.

How can I get pricing on Internet services?
Pricing on most of our Internet services are available on our pricing page.

Please note: Prepay is not currently available on dedicated connections because they involve monthly telco charges which are subject to change at any time.

If you wish to take advantage of these money saving offers, please contact our office at 804-768-6707, or email our accounting department for more information.